Scavenging Uniqueness – Recycling Climbing Equipment

Scavenger Pouches

Pouches made by Scavenger

I know we’re primarily a Glamping, Camping and Festival blog, but hey everyone needs to branch out now and again! And we’ve branched out into the green world of climbing gear. Let us introduce you to Scavenger.

Scavenger takes old, tired and worn out pieces of climbing equipment, and reuses them. Their ‘Crag Swag’ products give new purpose to equipment that would’ve been thrown away or left languishing in lofts. And we here at 4 Points Leisure are all for that.

What are they doing?

They’re collecting old, used climbing gear, whether that’s ropes, karabiners, even tent canvas and re-purposing them. Saving, these items from the inevitable landfill.

Tote bag by Scavenger

Tote Bag with design by Tessa Lyons

What are they making?

Well useful and unique items (we’ve posted some pics below)! A colourful collection of bags, dog accessories, belts, keyrings, zip pouches, a homeware collection and an adorable teddy. As the items are made from ‘forgotten’ climbing ropes and karabiners, they immediately become colourful and robust. They even use old karabiners as coat hooks, which will add a funky twist to your home.

As you probably know from following us, we’re all about innovation, and Scavenger has tonnes of it. The ideas are quirky, and individual. In a world where we lust after the latest gadget, or fashion piece, it should be good to stand out. Be yourself. Companies like Scavenger allow this to happen. Go check them out, with their limited edition tote bags (artwork by artist Tessa Lyons) and grab yourself something to shout about.


Until next time …….#getoutside.


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