The Preseli Rocket – Wood Fired Stove

So yep I get it, after the blog on the Aquaforno Stove, you may think, that I have a bit of a stove thing going on. And you’d be right!!

The allure of fire has always held me, even as a Scout. I’d be the one near the fire singing all the old hits. Growing up in 70’s Britain meant drying, after a bath, in front of the fire!

Preseli Rocket Wood Burning StoveThere’s something lovely about a fire and especially a safe Wood Fired Stove, when camping or glamping. Enter Gareth Edwards’ Preseli Rocket, made under his company name, Bespokestoves.Wales.

Based in his workshop, Cilgerran, north Pembrokeshire, Gareth creates this stove and other wrought ironwork stoves and commissions. Having studied Design and Engineering Fundamentals, together with his history of welding and fabrication, Gareth has brought his unique skills to the world of stoves.

Wood Burning Stove

Why the Preseli Rocket?

They’re handmade and beautifully crafted, so often, we choose mass produced over individuality. Named after the ancient Preseli Hills in west Wales where Gareth originates from, the burners combine rocket stove design with traditional fabrication.

Steel Rocket StoveThe flue effect, means any fire, can be ready within approximately 2 minutes. As the stove is just 8kg in weight handling and transport, is made so much easier. It wouldn’t take up too much room in the campervan!

But I think the decider for me was the fact you can boil a kettle quicker on it than on the gas stove. And we all know, us campers need that cuppa as we arrive on site. Here we have Gareth’s Youtube of the Preseli Rocket cooking sausages (I defy you to watch this and not feel a lil hungry!).


How’s it built?

By hand…. using 16 and 10 gauge steel plate to form the body of the stove, insulating it with vermiculite and then fully welding for strength. Gareth then adds wrought iron legs and a thick steel grate, finishing with industrial heat resistant paint. And these are an investment piece. Looking after the stove will give many years of use, whether that’s camping or in the garden.

It’s innovative and expertly crafted, we reckon it’s a great addition to the campervan. Do go over and check out Gareth’s Preseli Rocket Wood Burning Stove.

Until next time, I’m off to find more stoves to feed by burning (ah, I know it doesn’t get any better!) desires!! #getoutside.




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