Pods, Cubes and Armadillas!! – Glamping’s new kids on the block

As part of our ever-growing interest in glamping, we thought we’d introduce you to glamping pods. We’ve already examined shepherd’s huts, treehouses and Airstream trailers so do check them out on the blog.

If like me, your first thought at the mention of the word ‘pod’ is that a pod is the home of a pea, stand by to learn about glampers and festival goers and their latest choice of funky abode: the pod.

Today it seems, pods are a term used to describe a glamping structure. They come in all shapes and sizes with more appearing each year.

Finding the pod can offer a simpler way of glamping, many glamping locations have added Armadillas, Snoozys, Land Pods, Wigwams and Purepods to their offering. Who ever thought we’d be saying simple and glamping in the same sentence?


We start our little blog with the Armadilla. Those of you of a certain generation will remember the Armadillo from the Dime Bar adverts of the 1990s. Ah – but I digress. The Armadilla Pod is a thing of beauty with its curved outline and dinky porthole window. These would make a lovely garden room (or outdoor office -hint hint!).

We first spotted an Armadilla at the Lee Wick Farm glamping site. Those particular pods come with underfloor heating, mood lighting, iPod dock and a two-person hot tub on the decking.  And from as little as £55 per night, they are the ideal luxury sleepover.

Land PodLandPod

Our next pod adventure takes us to the Land Pod. They’re individual and unusual with their raised off the floor shelter.  You can leave the roof as canvas, as PVC or finished with larch lapping to help the land pod disappear into the woodland.

Again, the quirky small wooden door adds to the appeal.  If the weather is good you can pull up the canvas on the side,  to enjoy sunbathing in bed. I can’t think of anything more fantastic, especially if the view’s good! Again, they wouldn’t look out of place in the garden. If you want to try glamping in one of these you can find them at Stonehenge Campsite . They also have the Hobbit Pod. How do our blogs always get back round to Hobbitating? Anyway, the Landpod is an innovative design. You can see them across the country at festivals throughout next year. Hire one direct from Landpod, if you’re not going to make it on a glamping trip.

Snoozy CubeSnoozy

Whilst out and about at the glamping show, which if you’re interested in glamping is a must, we spotted the Snoozy. An inflatable pod/cube.  They have a solid base and sides, with an inflatable roof, and provide 5.7sqm of foot space. Whilst they’re used for glamping, the Snoozy has caught on big time with the festival market. In 2017 it made an appearance at Glastonbury, EDP Portugal and Isle of Man TT, where they held their massive Snoozy Hotel.


Wigwam Pod

Courtesy Wigwam Holidays

Wigwam Holidays started way back in 1989.  Charles Gulland, began dreaming and designing sustainable lodges. His preferred material being freshly felled trees and timber. Developed over the next ten or so years, working on designs, launching the company All Round Buildings, Charles noticed a niche for a ‘camping pod’.

Using steam-bent timber and larch boards, he designed the insulated, heated camping cabin that we now call the Wigwam®.  The rest, as they say, is history. Today you’ll find Wigwam pods in over seventy locations across the UK. The Wigwams go from the basic ‘settee becomes a bed’, Wee Brave Wigwam, to the deluxe running water Wigwam (all in the name, but just in case, it has a shower and toilet). They’re cosy and warm, with electricity and usually a fridge. Great small spaces for camping and glamping, a wonderful place to rest your head.


New Zealand PurepodPurepod

Our final pod to check out, but by no means the only pods out there, is the Purepod. Now this pod takes some bravery.  The Purepod is a glass bungalow, in the middle of nowhere; the location is only given to you when you confirm your booking. One minor problem, they’re in New Zealand! The other dilemma is how to get washed and ready for bed without exposing everything?  But hey, you’re in the middle of nowhere!

Take some time to check them out, because these pods immerse you in nature. Something the other pods featured here endeavour to do, but can’t because of that wall/canvas between you and nature. But then at least you’re not having to tussle with tent pegs and you’re warm and dry.

So, a small taster then of pod glamping.  There are loads of pods out there, on a great variety of glamping sites. And I suppose we’ve chosen our favourites. Check out our ‘Where to go Glamping’ pages. There we offer glamping locations throughout the UK and Europe, including ‘pod’ holidays.

Let us know if you do go ‘podding’, or if you’ve been ‘podding’ and what you thought.

Until next time #getoutside

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