Glamping in the Northern Lights

‘Glamping is everywhere these days’, is the most common phrase we hear when we’re out and about with 4 Points Leisure. And you’re not wrong, because it is! All shapes and sizes, treehouses, shepherds huts, bell tents or yurts, the list goes on. Which means it can take something special for us to say ‘ooo, I’d love to go there’.

Torasseppi Reindeer Farm

Torassieppi Reindeer Farm Courtesy The Aurora Zone

Enter, ta da, Torassieppi. A reindeer farm and winter village in Finlands part of Lapland (Finnish Lapland). The site has several Aurora Domes, and is the first official glamping destination in Finland. The Aurora Domes are insulated geodesic domes, positioned to face north, to get the best chance of catching those elusive Northern Lights. Each dome sleeps two but another two can be squeezed in, fully insulated with an open fireplace. Styled with reindeer and husky themes. The domes are made to be cosy and inviting.

Activities abound

The reindeer farm has been established since 1847, making it one of the oldest homesteads in Finnish Lapland, with a small reindeer museum on site. Activities in and around this winter village include, husky-sledding, cross country skiing or searching for the Northern Lights via snowmobile or snowshoe. You can also explore the Pallas Yilas National Park, which is the third largest national parK in Finland covering some 1000 kilometers.

Torassieppi Snow

Torassieppi Farm Courtesy of The Aurora Zone

Now you might be thinking, why are they blogging about this place in March?, that’s because you can still catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. However, be prepared (like a good boy Scout) and get booked for 2018/19 winter season. We found Torassieppi Farm via Aurora Zone, a great website detailing loads of places to search out Northern Lights. If it’s one of your ‘Bucket List’ items, The Aurora Zone seems an ideal place to start the investigations.

If you do make it, send us the photos, so we can feature them on Facebook. Until next time #getoutdoors.

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