Five Outdoor Innovations for 2018

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or even here on the blog, you’ll have noticed our passion for all things innovative. That’s because we’re very much in to invention, make do and creation in our own home.

In 2017, we discovered over fifty innovations related to the outdoors. That got us thinking. We want all innovations and inventions to succeed because without new thinking, where do we go? But in case you missed these, we thought we’d bring you a roundup of five inventions that lit our campfire!

Rhinowolf Attachable TentRhinowolf – we first saw this ‘tent’ back in July, at the point of them finishing their crowdfunding on We were that impressed we wrote a blog about it! Their quirky YouTube video sold it to us!

This is a modular, attachable tent. It has the power to connect with similar Rhinowolf’s to create a bigger living area. Or simply  buy the one for yourself! The exciting part of the tent, has to be the built-in inflatable bed with mattress! The key part is the design. It’s not your usual triangular set up, but one pole through the top. This means minimal set up time. And as it only weighs 5.5lbs, it would be a good piece of kit for the backpacker.

Since the end of the Indiegogo campaign, Haim and his team have gone into production, with estimated delivery date to backers of December 2017. It’s great to see new independent tenting going into production. Tents, that aren’t created by the ‘big’ players. But by outdoorsmen who have thought about how people want to explore. The Rhinowolf is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Teebee BoxTeeBee – as parents, anything that occupies our little one whilst in transit gets our attention! The TeeBee did that alright! Again funding through Indiegogo, this toy is a triangular box which contains storage and a brick plate. Not that special, you may say. Yet the brick plate is part of the box. It’s designed to match that well known provider of bricks Lego, Mega Bloks etc.

Making building in transit easy – no lost pieces down the crack of the seat, where you can’t reach. As it comes in compartments your child can also choose what they want to bring with them. In addition, TeeBee provide stickers to create this funky pink faced friend here.

For the Coffee Addict

Lume Pro Grade Portable Coffee Grinder and LampLume Coffee Grinder & Lamp – one of my vices is coffee, and it has to be half-way decent coffee! So seeing a Kickstarter campaign for a coffee grinder with an integral lamp, had me whooping for a little while! Sad mum dancer!

This grinder promises decent coffee shop coffee, at your campsite, with the ability to grind up to fifty cups in one session. Don’t think even I can drink that many! At 22 ounces it’s one of the lightest portable grinders on the market. And, as it’s rechargeable, they decided to pop a light in. This dinky light is no push over though, providing twenty hours of illumination at 150 lumens. Check it out, as multipurpose gadgets are essential to the outdoors life. The Lume Coffee Grinder was successful and it’s off into production.


Valo LightValo Light campers and hikers look no further, than this dinky flashlight. Lightweight and versatile and providing up to 50 lumens of light for ten hours. Okay, that’s not that fantastic compared to other lights out there, but consider this…. It’s waterproof, has three brightness settings and weighs only one ounce. That’s not what sold it to us though. Bear witness to: the magnetic clasp and polyester cord. Which means you can attach it to almost any surface. That’s to your, bike, rucksack, hat, wrist well you know where I’m going with this. Versatile or what? Now the problem is, the creators Nyker Design didn’t reach their Kickstarter goal (can you believe?) which means they’re currently working on their product. We’ll be keeping an eye on it and will and report back to you in 2018.

Getting Children Outdoors


Bug Off: The Game of Outdoor WarfareBug Off Game – this is another child friendly innovation. A board game played outside, where players command a team of battling bugs. They have to capture their opponent’s flag.

Based around real insects and designed for ages seven and up, Bug-Off is playable between two and four players. Playing one game takes about thirty to forty-five minutes, as there are four different teams in Bug-Off. Now we say, anything that gets kids outdoors has to be worth supporting. The inventor Tom Hall achieved his campaign target through Kickstarter in July 2017, with the new game promised for 2018.



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