The First Time Glamper’s Guide to Glamping

Sooo you’re thinking of glamping this summer, but you’re not convinced it’s for you? A fair enough concern. No-one wants to be disappointed after forking out their hard-earned cash.

fireflies & figs yurt

Yurt from Fireflies & Figs, Central Italy

We know exactly how you feel. Booking a summer holiday is a bit of a leap of faith in general and with glamping even more so.

But never fear – 4Points Leisure is here to help you out. We know what a brilliant holiday adventure it can be.

You’ve landed on this page so we’ll assume you know what glamping is and how it evolved. But on the off chance check out Go.Glamping.Net

So – let’s find out if a glamping Holiday is for you.

We think glamping is amazing fun. It’s a little comfier than basic tent camping, but keeping the adventure aspect to it. And whats more, the world of glamping has exploded over the last 6 years. There’s even a show dedicated to it. The Glamping Show is held in September each year.

To help you along, we’ve split this blog into the questions you might ask. We’ve assumed you know where in the world you want to go.

Which types of glamping accommodation do I stay in?

Cwm Ty Coed Glamping

Bell Tent at Cwm Ty Coed Glamping

There’s tons of types of glamping accommodation to stay in. A good half dozen options for glamping under canvas alone: Safari tent, bell tent, yurt, tipi, geo-dome and tree tent. Find links to where you’ll find each of these types of tents at the bottom of the post. Likewise with caravans.

Alde Garden Glamping, Suffolk

Alde Garden Glamping courtesy Erin Patel/Alde Garden





For heavy metal of the glamping kind think shepherd’s huts (no yodelling needed), Airstream caravans, vintage caravans, campervans and shipping containers. Or sleep under wood in pods, treehouses, gypsy caravans or Hobbit huts – it’s that hobbitat again!




Should you be a lover of luxury and this is your first venture out then we reckon the safari tent, geo-dome or campervan would be good picks.

Eco Pod Boutique Retreat

Eco Pod Boutique Retreat, Argyll

However, if you’re already into camping, then the bell tent or tipi would make better options.

Your first thought needs to be: ‘who’s coming with me?’ Work that one out and it will help whittle down the options. A family of five in a Gypsy Caravan is a bit of a squeeze. A gorgeous option for a romantic break for two yes. But not so great topping and tailing with a small child.

What’s on site?

Considering the facilities and style or theme on offer is key to deciding which glamping site you go to.

Goosberry Fields Hot Tub

Goosberry Fields Hot Tub

Do you want the farm experience for the children, or seclusion in the middle of a forest? Is a hot tub a priority? In the case of the latter we suggest you check out the Gooseberry Field campsite in Kent.

Cool Camping.Com describe their wood-fired hot tub as ‘one of the site’s quirky treasures, a real luxury for any camping holiday’.



Teepee Valley Markethill, Northern Ireland

Inside of Shepherd’s Hut, Teepee Valley, Northern Ireland

Alternatively, are you looking for a location full of other interesting glamping abodes, where you can meet other like-minded souls, or go with friends? The Tepee Valley campsite in Northern Ireland is a good choice in this scenario. ‘Here, you will experience peace and quiet within a choice of either a traditional Native American Tepee, a choice of two yurts, a log cabin, dome or inside a perfectly furnished Shepherd’s Hut or the Gypsy Caravan – The Rosie Lee.’

Though of course, on the topic of interesting glamping abodes we have to give a mention to the aptly named Quirky Nights Glamping village. No further explanation needed there we feel!

Do you need glamping near the coast, to ensure a good time for the whole family or is walking the way to your soul? The glamping location is such a personal thing so we’ll leave that to you to reflect on.

What can I expect to find in my glamping accommodation?

Most luxury glamping sites provide a beautiful comfy bed, with pillows, thick duvets and blankets. Almost certainly you’ll be given candlelight, lanterns, rugs, throws, cushions, sometimes board games, outdoor dining equipment, gas camper cooker and/or Dutch oven to cook over an open fire. There’s usually shower areas too. You’ll also find cooking utensils, deckchairs, BBQs, LED Lanterns – oh the list goes on.

What to bring glamping

For luxury glamping you’ll need to bring clothes, towels, toiletries and yourselves! For the more basic glamping you may need to bring more equipment: cooking utensils, torches, sleeping bags, chargers, etc.
With either option, it’s advisable to take these key items, with you:
• Warm & wet weather clothing
• Wellies, walking boots, sun hat, sun glasses and flip flops – it’s Britain the weather goes either way and often several ways in the space of an hour!
• Toiletries, toilet rolls,
• Entertainment – ball, games, board games, guide books, pen & paper

Children glampingWhat can the children do?

Absolutely loads! There’s a whole world of nature waiting for them, right on their glamping doorstep. Plenty of nature bug investigating, scrapbooking, night sky watching, bird watching, den building, farm animal cuddling (if you’ve decided on a farm glamp site), hide and seek and they could even get involved in making the dinner.

What to expect when glamping

A chilled relaxing time is what you’re looking for, and you will definitely find it. But a little preparation goes a long way.

It’s likely to be cold and a little damp. If you’re staying in a cosy yurt, there’s only a strip of fabric between you and nature. You’re mostly outside, and this IS the UK, so warm clothes, lots of layers, (even at night) are essential. Keep your feet warm, and the rest of you stays toasty.

Cooking with a Dutch oven

Cooking ‘a la open fire’ available on some glamping sites

You’ll experience the noise and smells of nature, as well as your neighbours. Well let’s hope not the smells! And when you get down to your glamping cooking, the noise of sizzling bacon is one of life’s great pleasures. Cooking is an essential part of glamping whether it’s on gas burners, BBQs or open pit fires. Expect to smell of smoke for the best part of your stay.

What now?

We’ve given you a lot of information here which we hope has answered your questions. And, even better, given you some inspiration to get your glamping adventure off to a good start.

We’ve listed some resources here, to help you in the next step of your planning. Check out our own ‘Where to go Glamping’ guide, for some top choice glamping locations. But by all means, drop us a line if there’s anything you want to ask.

And checkout our Facebook and Twitter streams. We often feature glamping sites we’ve found. Until next time, enjoy #gettingoutside

If you’d like to read more about glamping, check out our other blogs ‘Great Glamping Accessories’ or ‘Branching out into Treehouse Glamping’.


GlossyGlamping for glamping locations
Cool Camping – glamping locations
Pinterest – glamping hacks to try
Campfire Recipes

Go caravan crazy at these sites:

1. Airstream caravans – Little CoombeFarm, Nr Dartmouth, Devon
2. Vintage caravans – Mad Dogs & Vintage Vans, Herefordshire
3. Campervans – Hire Campervans in Scotland from Rockin Vans
4. Shipping containers – Barefoot Glamping with Rusty the Tin Tent

Red Kite Tree Tent

Red Kite Tree Tent via Sheepskin Life

Try out a tent at these sites:

1. Safari tent  – Seven Hills Hideaway, Wales
2. Bell tent – Hemscott Hill Farm, Northumberland
3. Yurt – Yurtshire, Yorkshire
4. Tipi – Woodland Tipis, Herefordshire
5. Geo-dome – Trellyn Woodland Camping, Pembrokeshire
6. Tree tent – Red Kite Tree Tent, Elan Valley, Wales

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