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Autumn is creeping in and replacing Summer and suddenly Halloween and then Christmas is on the horizon! Aaargh. STOP! Back up the truck as they say and let’s deal with Autumn first. Of all the seasons Autumn is my favourite. If we’re lucky there’s some bright crisp mornings to wake up to and some crispy, crunchy leaves to stamp through. The sunsets are colourful and the slightly shorter days have a cosy feel to them. Unlike the seemingly endless dark, depressing days of winter.

So what do we need in our car boots and rucksacks at this time of year? We need wellies! And not just any old wellies either but a pair of the ever-so-useful Feetz pocket wellies. Ah ha, thought I was going to say a flask of hot chocolate and a large cake huh?

Feetz Pocket WelliesNope – sorry. Feetz Pocket Wellies it is. I rave about these feet apparel because they are simply brilliant – I use them all over the place. These wellies are secreted in cubby holes across my life so I need never be without them.

So, if you haven’t heard of them let me introduce you! Ta daaaaa!

Feetz Pocket Wellies, created and launched in November 2013 are the brainchild of Mark and Diana Cooke. They came up with the idea for pocket wellies after spending years attending festivals and lugging wellies with them and then using them. We first came across them at the Outdoor Trade Show in September 2014 and became hooked. They’re waterproof overshoes that are wellies, ‘waterproofing your feet at a moment’s notice’.

Pocket Feetz WelliesComing in a small waterproof pouch (measures 18cm x 14xm x 14cm) they can be carried in your pocket, the car boot or rucksack ready to whip out when needed and slip over your normal shoes, trainers or hike boots.

Because they come packed so small they’re a practical alternative to carrying wellington boots around with you.

You’ll see I mentioned hiking boots and I bet you’re thinking ‘what?’ but picture this: you’re out hiking and obstructing the only way over to the next path is a bit of a gushing, watery, gulley. If you chance it the water is bound to be up and over your hiking boot, resulting in ‘le soggy sock’. And no-one wants that. But – by applying the pocket wellies, ‘le soggy sock’ can be avoided.

Feetz WelliesMade of durable PVC, with a thick anti slip sole and an elasticated drawstring at the calf they create a waterproof alternative. And, although wellies have become funkier over the last few years, bright pink Feetz beat them hands down.

Not only that, but here at 4 Points Leisure, we offer ‘Mix and Match’ buy one of each colour! Choose to wear pink on your left foot and blue on your right foot and be the talk of the dog walking community!


Check out our Feetz Pocket Wellies and let us know what you think. If you’ve seen anything else as innovative, let us know. We’re always on the lookout for innovation and if you’ve missed our recent innovation finds take a peek here at our Camping Innovations Blog.

As always find us at Facebook, Twitter and email. Until next time, get out and enjoy those crisp leaves as Winter will be here before we know it. And while we’re on the subject of Autumn here’s a nice little blog about the word itself, from a fellow business owner and friend:

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