How to Dry Bag Laundry on your next Camping Trip

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

We have a confession to make, we’ll I do really! I’m addicted to camping hacks, you know the ones, where they come in handy little pins on Pinterest.  Exhibit A on the right demonstrates!

Nevertheless, the one I’ve always wondered about, is the Dry Bag Laundering, This is when you clean your smalls in a plastic bag. If you haven’t seen this hack before, here it is, in all it’s 4 Points Leisure glory……..

Dry Bag Laundering

The idea, you can clean your smalls, out in the wild, and keep nice clean and fresh on your travels. With minimum hassle, lets see……

Ecover Zero Laundry LiquidYou’ll Need:

  • Dry Bag (we used a zip lock freezer bag (however big you want)), but there are proper dry bags for the job, the Scrubba Wash Bag is one such example currently £43 at Amazon.
  • Biodegradable clothes washing liquid/soap, Ecover Zero Laundry Liquid, is a good.
  • Clothesline and pegs? or just lay your smalls out over a hot stone, or the tent.

With everything now in place, here’s what you do….

  1. Fill your dry bag with laundry to be washed, only half fill it, as you’ll need space to swish, shimmie etc.
  2. Add water, whatever you can lay your hands on, again only half fill the bag.
  3. Add about 1-2 tablespoons of the liquid laundry wash.
  4. Seal the bag along the zip part.
  5. Gently swish, swill, shake, rub, agitate the clothes in your bag for approx 5 minutes.
  6. Open the bag and dispose of the soapy water. If you’re out in the wild, remember to dispose of the grey water well away from any natural water source, we don’t want to pollute.
  7. Wring out the clothes, and repeat the process with just water, until the clothes are soap free.
  8. Line dry or ‘rock’ dry as needed.


We had a go with a swimming costume, and the process worked quite well. But take care to swish, shimmie etc gently as the freezer bag isn’t as sturdy as a brought dry bag. It did leak a little, but that could be because I was a bit over eager to begin with.

There we go, another little hack to your camping armoury, let us know how you get on, if you try it. Until next time…… have fun outdoors


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