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How to Dry Bag Laundry on your next Camping Trip

We have a confession to make, we’ll I do really! I’m addicted to camping hacks, you know the ones, where...

The First Time Glamper’s Guide to Glamping

Sooo you’re thinking of glamping this summer, but you’re not convinced it’s for you? A fair enough concern. No-one wants...

Top Tips for Spring

Top Tips for getting your Campervan Ready for Spring

It’s that time of year again, the sun’s out (well sort of!), and it’s time to get your campervan ready for spring....

What is Glamping

What is Glamping?

We know, it sounds a little like camping but not quite. If you haven’t come across the term Glamping before,...

Campervan Winterise

Winterising Your Campervan

Watching the amber warnings on the weather reports a slight panic arises within me: ‘ah, the campervan, will it survive...

Guide to Glamping

Guide to Glamping

Welcome to Glamping with 4 Points Leisure, Glamping, comes from Glamorous and Camping. Put the two words together and ‘voila’...

Guide to Travelling in Europe

Guide to Travelling in Europe

It’s that time of year again, when we pack up the caravan/campervan and head to the continent. Heading to Europe...

Guide to Camping With Electricity

Guide to Camping with Electricity

Using Electricity When Camping Part of camping, be that in a Campervan, Caravan, Motorhome or Tent, is electricity. At times...

Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials

A chance conversation at a Christmas Fayre, got us thinking about camping essentials.  If you’re new to camping or glamping,...

EHIC Card E111

EHIC European Health Insurance Card

The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card-previously known as the E111) can be used anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA),...

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