Bédatfest Music and Gastronomic Festival, Gers, France

Every now and again a festival comes along that piques your interest. Building a Festival Calendar, we see hundreds of festivals, means we get a little festival fatigued, which, really, is a bit sad!

Bedatfest 2017However this week, a new festival popped up, Bédatfest in Gers, France. Why, get excited? you ask. Well, we started looking at this festival, and a lovely warm feeling came over us!

We don’t know how you choose your festivals, we go with line up, and general ‘vibe’, how we think the festival will feel when we get there. And Bédatfest, gave us a chilled out, stuffed belly type of feeling!!

French food and music, what more could you want?

Tucked away in the South West corner of France, Gers is in the Midi-Pyrenees region. One of the three Armagnac producing districts, as well as being part of Frances’ finest gastronomic regions! Meaning Bédatfest becomes a special music/gastro feast.

Chateau Du Bedat

Chateau Du Bedat

Chateau Bedat, near Aignan, hosts the 2017 Bédatfest, a one day festival, on 19 August 2017. This festival is major family friendly, bouncy castles, fairy trails, pony rides and much more, for the children. Now add on some music, some fireworks, some artisan food and voilà (as they say), a cracking festival. And you can camp, even though it’s a one day festival, you can take your tent and camp for free (bargain!).

Attach a Festival to your holiday

How many of you are heading down to South West France for your hols, this year? Why not add a festival onto your holiday to make it really special and memorable. Get yourself to a ‘mini’ fest for the day. With advance tickets retailing at €15 (€20 on the door) per adult and children free (under 16), it has to be one of the cheapest festival tickets in town.

Performing this year, Sophie Barker, Faut Qu’ca Guinche (festival band from Grenoble), Suzie and the Groove, and Franz Robert Wild who says ‘ I give you all an appointment for an outstanding day on 19 August at bedat festival in the gers! The Festival where to go in August, with an atmosphere and a great group of people, an organization to make shine the best festivals… anyway, the best of England can be found in the gers for this event. Too excited to be and to have been invited for the second year in a row!!

There’s some great festivals out there (music and otherwise). If you haven’t made a choice yet, then check out our Festival Calendar. Let us know if you spread your festie wings as far Bédatfest. We wish were going that way this summer, it looks like it’s going to be great family fun.

Until next time, enjoy….

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  • Thank you lovely people at 4 Points Leisure for such a lovely write-up! If you’re down our way, do let me know! Jenny

    • Hi Jenny, You’re more than welcome, sounds like it’s going to be a great festival, good luck.

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