The Aquaforno Ultimate Stove

As you’ll know, if you’ve been following our blog, or even mooching around our social media, we’re big devotees of innovation and tech. You could call us Outdoor Nerds, if that’s such a thing!! Well even if it isn’t we’ll take the name.

Well this time, we’ve fallen ever so slightly in love with the brilliant Aquaforno. Winners in the UK Outdoor Industry Awards 2017, for their Collapsible Cooking Stove. We wanted to share, with you, this mini revolution.Aquaforno

It’s a Cooking Stove, whadda?

Uh we know that, and we wouldn’t usually disturb whatever it was you were doing, with just any old cooking stove. You know us, nerdy geek. This one not only collapses, it’s a pizza oven, BBQ grill, smoker, clothes dryer and internal water boiler. Ah ha impressed, thought so.


And what’s more it’s portable. Built by hand and designed in Berkshire, they come in Stainless Steel or Matt Black.   Stainless Steel AquafornoMatt Black Aquaforno Cooker









The Aquaforno has an internal removable water reservoir which allows you to have boiling water. On tap whenever the unit is fired up. It boils 1 litre of water in 6 minutes, about the time it takes to put the tent up!

Diversity Cooking

Collapsible AquafornoWe love that the 3 parts give such diversity. If you remove the bottom part you have a BBQ and Grill. The very top part, with its stone, can be used as a pizza oven, or perhaps adventure into bread? The middle part works as an oven. If that’s not all, the Aquaforno can be used as a smoker and they’ve created hangers for the sides of the cooker, to dry your clothes.


Collapsed Aquaforno



The absolute best part of this stove, for us, is the collapsible element. The three compartments collapse down small enough to be worn as a backpack. Which we feel, is small enough to find a sneaky space in the campervan as well.


If you’re thinking of investing, Aquaforno currently have a 10% off offer running. So nip over to them now and enjoy fresh pizza on your next camping trip!

All pictures courtesy Aquaforno, thank you.

Have fun whatever you’re doing, let us know if you get an Aquaforno and what adventures you get up to. Until next time, #getoutside.

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