Summertime Blues – 5 Blogs to Inspire your dream of full-timing your Campervan

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Back in 1958 Eddie Cochran sang ‘There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues’. We know what he means. But we’ve found a way to alleviate them that doesn’t involve stuffing your face with chocolate. Though that’s always an option.

But why are we singing the blues anyway? Well, you know how it is. You’ve been on holiday, whether abroad or a staycation, but now you’re back to the humdrum routine and everything feels a little … well … flat. But, aside from chocolate and taking on board the pearls of wisdom from Dr Seuss what’s to be done?

Here at 4Points Leisure HQ we turn our attention to our biggest dream – that of living full-time in our motorhome.

A Guide to Van Life

We’re not sure if it’s your dream as well. But we thought we’d bring you 5 great blogs to inspire you anyway! If it wasn’t before by the time you’ve checked out these blogs it might be.

Travelling as just the two of you.

A Guide to Van Life – (Exploring Alternatives), Mat and Danielle describe themselves as ‘a couple of minimalist nomads’ who are exploring long term travel. Rather than a travelogue, this blog is a collection of tips on how to get started. With ideas of the things you need to think of. Their weekly YouTube video is a great watch. This vlog is a typical day in the van.  We treat this blog, as part inspiration and part resource because Mat and Danielle are brutally honest. And that’s what you most need when constructing a dream.


Kaerus from The Overlanders Blog

Kaerus from The Overlanders Blog

The Overlanders Blog

Ben Ade and Melissa Shaw are travelling from Scotland to the Sahara to raise monies for the charity Médecins Sans Frontières. But not in a comfy motorhome like the rest of us. Oh no. They’re trekking in a 4×4 Land Rover with a roof box tent. What we call Overlanding.

This is another long held dream of ours. You know what they say ‘all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’.

So whilst we’re ever so slightly jealous, we continue to be inspired. Travelling since March 2017, from Scotland to Portugal and onwards to Morocco, the photography on this blog is beautiful and stunning. They’re currently in Spain, so if your longed for trip, includes Spain, this blog is a good read.

Our Leap of Faith – join Paul, Michele, Bentley (the dog) and Paloma (the motorhome), as they take a year out to explore. What we like best about this blog (apart from the humour), is the organisation! Check the blogs in country order, and you can pinpoint where you want to research. This blog also covers parts of Eastern Europe, including Romania and Slovenia, which are less well travelled.

As well as travel, they blog about van life, including lots of useful tips, making Silver Screens, updating LED Lighting and Heiki fitting. Proper DIY jobs that you can manage on your motorhome.

Our Leap of Faith Blog


Travelling with the family

Vee Dub AdventuresVeeDub Adventures – adventures with Sarah and Tabitha:, one mum and her daughter. Having had some great adventures in the past, Sarah decided to ditch London life and head for the road again. This time, with her eleven-year-old daughter, Tabitha. The blog covers their travels through Scandinavia, France, Spain and Morocco having left the UK in July 2016. It’s an inspiring read showing that time out of the western schooling system brings tonnes of advantages and new experiences and communities.

One for those of you thinking about full timing with older children.


Travel as They GrowTravel As they Grow blog – Jen and Terry Constant, decided to up sticks, with their one-year-old son, Ethan. We’ve chosen to share this blog, because it’s inspiring (or rather challenging) to take a toddler with all the kit and caboodle. This takes some courage. We don’t know about you, but when our daughter was a year old, the furthest we got was the play park!! So far, they’ve covered Croatia, Spain and Portugal. The blog also deals with the pros and cons of living in a motorhome with a one year old!

So there we have it, some inspiration to keep your dreams alive. Our dream to full-time it has been on that back boiler for several years, being added to on a regular basis. When the time is right we’ll be ready. But maybe, we should look at going now? I mean, what if the time is never right!!? Yikes, that’s got us thinking.

If you’re planning a sojourn in your motorhome, then check out these 5 blogs. And the Facebook page Motorhome Adventures is another great resource. Until next time, enjoy getting outside in our Autumn landscape. #getoutside

And remember Dr Seuss! And Eddie Cochrane:

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