12 Must have Festival Apps for this year

So you’re all packed and ready to go.

But what essential festival Apps do you need on your smart phone? Definitely something to check the weather with then you’re sure to need one to find your mates with. Then there’s … hang on – we’ve got a list building. Let’s back the truck up, and get festival ‘appy’ before we go.

For Apple and Android users the App world is your oyster. If however, like me, (surely I’m not the only one?) running a Windows phone the choice is not so wide. Frustrating I know, but that’s the world we live in. #firstworldproblems

So. Drum roll please. Here’s our pick of 12 essential festival Apps for 2018!! Where we’ve found an alternative for Windows phones we’ve put that in too. On the off chance that someone else out there has one.

Before You Go

Festival Ready is an App from Victorinox, those people making the Swiss Army Knives. So if anyone should know about getting prepared for all eventualities it should be these guys. This App encompasses loads of good tools, including a sound flare and a torch, a find your friend facility, locate your previously marked campsite, 3D Navigation, live weather and packing checklist. Although, you can always download our Festival Packing checklist. Free IOS & A



Songkick Songkick,Eventseeker is a way of following you’re favourite artists and finding out, in the first instance, where they’ll be playing next. Then you can get concert notifications and buy tickets in the App. Free IOS/Android. It’s sadly not available for Windows Phones.  Eventseeker seems to be the best alternative out there.


Latitude FestivalFestival App – what App does the festival you’re attending have? They’re usually a great way to find out what’s going on, what you’re allowed to take, arrival times etc.  This one is for the Latitude Festival in July with headliners Killers, Solange and alt-J


Get Ready To Party

Virtual Lighter Virtual Lighter – get your lighter ready. We’ve moved on a million App Lighteryears since the Zippo lighter at Woodstock. But never fear – the waving of a flame lives on. All you have to do is load a lighter App. #obvs Free IOS & Android. For Windows Phone use the App Lighter. Get one of these and set your festival experience on fire!


Waterin AppHydration Apps remind you to keep that water (not beer) flowing. With the beating sun (we can hope! Don’t crush us!), dehydration can be a problem. The Waterin App is a reminder to drink. It’s free on IOS & Android. Plant NannyOther Apps include My Water, Hy, or Water Alert. Windows gives us Plant Nanny – much cuter than the Waterin App! Make your little plant grow by drinking water regularly. The App continues to alert you when drinking is needed.


iTranslateGiving Sonar a go this year? Or any other T-Translatoroverseas festival? Then the iTranslate App is perfect. Take on the native language, speak and translate in over 90 countries, in real time.  Free IOS & Android. Windows Phones can use T-Translator also covers 90 countries.  Surely you’ll be in one of them?!


Keep safe and healthy with the British Red Cross First Aid App. Probably best for minor injuries. Anything bigger, you might perhaps want to get some proper help.  It does walk you through common First Aid issues such as burns and cuts under an Emergency Button. Free on IOS/Android/Windows.British Red Cross


Take the weather with you, (as Crowded House sang) and let’s hope it’s sun! But if not, the Met Office Weather App is pretty reliable for confirming rain v sun.  It shows between 1 hour and 7 days in advance, personalizes your forecasts, and most importantly gives you a probability of precipitation – which they class as rain, drizzle, snow, hail or sleet – let’s not encourage the last 3! Free on IOS/Android/Windows

Met Office Weather


What Song Was That?

ShazamNeed to identify a song? Or a catchy ear worm!! Shazam Soundhoundis a well-known App for locating the name of the latest song.  Other Apps in the same vein are Soundhound or MusixMatch (both available for Windows Free). Not only can you identify the song, you can sing along to the lyrics, add them to Spotify playlists and buy the song via Google Play Music. Free IOS/Android.


ShuttersongNow you’ve got the song, and identified it, you want to share it? Shuttersong App takes the song and lets you put pictures to it. Share your festival pics to your favourite song and then share with friends or on social media. Free IOS/Android. We couldn’t find a good alternative for Windows. Mmmm business idea?


PeriscopeAnother App for videoing and relaying the festival to friends (worried mother!), is Periscope. Most people know about this one, take a video and share that with other Periscope users or on Social Media.  Free IOS/Android/Windows.



Once you’ve used your phone, or iPad to find friends, remind you to drink water, name that song, video friends and yourself, treated minor burns and packed for the festival, you’ll probably want to know how much battery power you have left!

Battery Dr AppEnter Battery Dr App, this App Battery Dr Prostarts by finding out which Apps and settings are draining your device. Followed by discovering how much longer your battery will last.  Free IOS/Android. The Windows variation is Battery Dr Pro (free).


There we have it.

Some essential festival Apps for this coming season. Let us know if we’ve missed the Apps you use regularly. And as always have fun outside and we’ll catch you soon.


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