10 Funky Enamel Mugs for Camping and Glamping

When I was younger (which is quite a time ago now!) enamel mugs were not the things of beauty they are today. They looked a little bit like this, all utility and workhorse. That’s not surprising, the combination of steel and enamel coating, ensure the humble enamel mug, can withstand a tumble or three.

This one is from bizzylizziesgoodthings.com

Great Grandma sipped her tea (well I assumed it was tea), from one in the garden! However with increased numbers of us going Camping and Glamping, the enamel mug has finally found the fame it deserves.

We’ve taken them to our outdoors heart, because they’re light, withstand being dropped down a mountain and keep that cuppa warm (not to mention your hands, holding it).

With that in mind, we thought we’d share 10 funky designs, that you might not have seen.

Booze & Bonfires Enamel Mug from driinky at Etsy

This one just encapsulates camping to us, bonfires (or campfires) and a little snifter on the side, carefully hidden in ‘your olde enamel mug’.

Or beat your enamel mug to different drum with this little jungle beauty from Ted Baker (below). Available at John Lewis. Colourful parrots, and unusual black enamel look.

Ted Baker Enamel Mug





This cutie will appeal to the Moomin lover in your brood. And of course, could bring a little Hygge (here’s an explanation of Hygge if you’ve been living in your tent over Winter) to your camping set up.

Moomin Mug from The Moomin Shop

Be Wild and Free Enamel MugOur offering to the great Enamel Mug compilation, is this Be Wild & Free mug embracing the adventure feel of this year.




Wi Fi Mug from Folk Rebellion



Or how about ‘wandering where the wi-fi is weak’! Which seems to encapsulate our love of the outdoors. Available from Folk Rebellion




Now we’re all for a tent pun, but this enamel mug is perhaps going a bit far! Available from iinky.com.

Perhaps part of having a funky set of camping gear, is to offset it with a traditional enamel mug. Just a mug for your tea, outside your tent.

Falcon Enamelware Mugs


Falcon Enamelware have been creating their classic white with blue rim enamelware since 1920. These three mugs on the right, give you an idea of where Falcon Enamelware are aiming. Modernising and revitalising a classic.



Our next mug, stood out, as an enamel mug we’d never seen before, a different type of funky. This porcelain enamel mug from Hendersonrea.uk, has a dog print, but also comes with this year’s stag, rabbit, cat or gamebird print.


Labour and Wait Marble Enamel Mug


Marble patterned enamel mugs, unlikely to get lost whilst out and about (well, unless you drop it in a pile of leaves!). Available in Navy and Burgundy from Labour and Wait .




And our final funky mug….. has to be to an ideal ‘man’ present, again from driinky on Etsy. Ideal for either the man cave or ‘real’ men in the outdoors.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our funky enamel mugs, showing we can still be outdoors and enjoy a bit of funk!





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